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Management Dept. / Sales Dept.
¡´ Management Dept.: ¡]Management. Finance, system¡^
The control or directions of affairs.To harmonize the operation among every department in order to get better working effectiveness.
¡´ Sales Dept.
Sales dept. is in charge of selling and promoting the business of the company, being the communication bridge to customer and also arranging and controlling and operation schedule.
Production Dept.¡]Section I & Section II¡^
¡´ Production Section I:
DATA¡GCAD design: Receive the data from customer and change the data into internal working direction and drawing.
Production technology: Improvement, research, and development of the production system.
NC. MC. Steel blade¡GDrilling holes on the plate; pre- processing the metal plate; building steel blade die.
Wire cutting¡GCutting shape of the product, and punch.
Assembly¡G To assemble the tooling die as customer¡¦s request.
N.C./M.C./Steel blade Wire cutting Assembly
¡´ Production Section II¡G Stamping section, TAB die, stiffener die
TAB die Stiffener die Stamping section
Surface treatment Sorting and package  
Quality Assurance ( Quality control, Final inspection )
¡´ Quality Assurance, Quality control¡GAssure the quality of the product, confirm the final inspection result, and provide the inspection data to customer.
Quality control Sorting and package Final inspection